Pop-Up Art Exhibit at SPLASH
April 1 – 5, 2020
Durham, NH

Check out Bow Seat’s pop-up art exhibit, showcasing the work of teens from around the world who creatively explore ocean conservation topics such as plastic pollution and climate change, at the University of New Hampshire’s Dance Company Concert presentation of SPLASH.

The ocean is vast and full of creatures that are both beautiful and fearsome. It may seem small, but the impact of throwing that piece of trash can last a lifetime. Two dancers discover together that impact when they go beneath the waves to swim with the turtles and amazing sea creatures. Along the way, they are followed by the frightening trash creatures created by the waste that humans leave behind. They experience first-hand the devastation that plastics and other waste have wrought on the fragile habitats that exist there. The Ballet and Jazz, Tap, Aerial companies come together to tell this dynamic and important story. Tickets available at www.unharts.com




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Pop-Up Art Exhibit at SPLASH