2018 Bow Seat Yearbook



The 2018 Bow Seat Yearbook is a compilation of artwork, poetry, and prose featuring the winners of the 2018 Ocean Awareness Contest. Each year the Contest encourages students from around the world to creatively address how humans’ actions impact the health of our oceans, and ultimately, our own health.

The pieces featured in this Yearbook address the 2018 Contest theme “Our Oceans in a Changing Climate.” Students around the world explored the relationship between human systems, climate change, and the oceans, and created art, music, film, and writing that not only presented issues and challenges, but also communicated a message that will inspire others to act. These pieces represent the most inspiring, thoughtful, and provocative of the 2,750+ submissions received from 58 countries around the world.


  • 8×10
  • 224 pages
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2018 Bow Seat Yearbook