Healthy Whale, Healthy Ocean

Presented by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs and Conservation Law Foundation
Take action and voice your support for the protection of North Atlantic right whales! This summer we will be kicking off the Healthy Whale, Healthy Ocean Challenge, an art scholarship program for K-12 residents of the New England and Gulf of Maine region. Explore the threats facing right whales and create visual art, poetry, and short films that celebrate the iconic species and drive action for its protection. Winning artwork will be an integral part of our campaign to protect the ocean and save the endangered North Atlantic right whale.
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North Atlantic right whales are historic inhabitants of the Gulf of Maine. They are urban whales, and they are our neighbors; they travel along the eastern coast of the United States and Canada to look for food and birth their young. Like all marine animals, they are vital to the health of the ocean ecosystem in their roles as predators and prey. A healthy whale population signifies a healthy ocean; a healthy ocean sustains all human communities.
Unfortunately, less than 450 of these majestic creatures survive in the North Atlantic today, and many scientists predict that they are likely to go extinct in the next 20 years if we do not intervene. The plight of North Atlantic right whales points to the overall threats facing our ocean today, including the impacts of climate change, increasing industrialization, and marine debris. Though inadvertently, it is humans who are harming the whales―and humans who can save them.

A Healthy Ocean Starts With You

The Healthy Whale, Healthy Ocean Challenge will launch later this summer, but sign up now to receive the latest updates, including information about the student art contest, community events, and other local initiatives.

About Our Partner

A partnership with Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), this campaign aims to raise awareness of threats facing right whales and Gulf of Maine ecosystems, inspire young people to creatively explore solutions to these issues, and encourage multi-generational participation in ocean conservation and advocacy in the region.

CLF protects New England’s environment for the benefit of all people. They use the law, science and the market to create solutions that preserve our natural resources, build healthy communities, and sustain a vibrant economy.