2017 Winners

Yahoo! It’s time to celebrate the winners and all of our students who participated in the 2017 Ocean Awareness Contest, Ocean Pollution: Challenges & Solutions.

You have much to be proud of. You have contributed to the largest student ocean advocacy arts collection around the world. You are all part of a wave of activism, and people are taking notice. From Malaysia to Kansas, we received nearly 3,000 entries this year! While the Contest honors some talented winners, it is all of you together that are building a wave of awareness and empathy for our oceans by informing, inspiring, and engaging others to take action.

As part of Bow Seat’s growing network, every one of you is a cultural changemaker. Together you are creating and amplifying a global voice of advocacy that is hard to ignore. Thank you so much for participating. You are the future!

– Linda Cabot, Founder of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs

High School Winners

Our Future Angelika Kolodziej

Konstantynów Łódzki, Poland

the girl with sea foam fingers writes letters
on napkins left on beaches like loose change,
words stumbling down staircases of…

never forget Akhila Bandlora

Phoenix, AZ

The Unspoken Price Tag
Elizabeth Mountz

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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In Our Hands Ely German

Houston, TX

Middle School Winners

The Money Factor Victor Li

Saratoga, CA

Your mama laughed
When you came back crying
After your first swim
In the ocean

But your mama didn’t see

What Your Mama Didn’t See Kayla Yup

Owings Mills, MD

What If?
Cara Fritz

Concord, Massachusetts

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Plastic Bottles Are TOXIC Adam Folk

Philadelphia, PA