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Use your voice to inspire U.S. voters to cast their ballot with the future of our blue planet in mind. Share your story through a short video or written statement about the environmental issues that impact you, and express why it’s important to vote for climate leaders in 2020. Consider: If you could vote, what future would you vote for? What do you want to say to voters this year?
  • Begin by talking about the environmental issues that concern you or affect your community.
  • Then, offer your visions and hopes for a better world, and imagine how we build it together.
  • Wrap up with this unifying call to action: “I can’t vote, but you can.”
  • Open to young people ages 13-17 in the United States.
  • Video stories should be 90 seconds or less in length. Watch examples!
  • Written stories should be 150 words or less in length. Read examples!
  • Make sure you have your parent’s/guardian’s consent to participate in this campaign.



Do be yourself. What makes the climate crisis personal to you? Share your feelings, experiences, and perspective in a way that feels authentic to you.
Do incorporate the phrase “I can’t vote, but you can” into your story. With this unifying call to action, we want to remind voters they have a responsibility to future generations and to our shared planetary home.
Do be casual. We are not looking for professionally produced or edited films. Use your smartphone, computer webcam, or any other filming device you have handy.
Do keep it short. Videos should be 90 seconds or less in length. Written statements should be 150 words or less in length.


Don’t name specific candidates. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we can raise awareness of issues but cannot endorse candidates or support specific political parties.
Don’t use copyright-protected music or film clips in your video. If you want to add such content to your story, make sure that it is copyright-/royalty-free and/or falls under creative commons. Check out this resource for sourcing copyright-free media.

Story Submission Form

Terms & Conditions | Voteless Not Voiceless is a non-partisan project of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we engage in activities that raise awareness of environmental issues that impact young people. We do not endorse, oppose, or campaign for specific candidates.