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The 2023 Ocean Awareness Contest encourages students to learn about both climate change and solutions to the climate crisis. We want to celebrate the work of countless everyday heroes fighting to make the world more habitable and just in the face of human-induced climate change.

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For more than a decade, Bow Seat has inspired young ocean caretakers through creative expression. Check out our interactive timeline to learn more about our program history and exciting milestones!
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Floatovoltaics: A Solution to Keep Us Afloat in our Fight...

January 27, 2023

By Raghav Pardasani, 2022 Future Blue Youth Council member Featured Image: “Light of Hope on New Horizon” by Nathaniel Chyu...

How to Pick a Climate Hero

January 18, 2023

Featured Image: “Climate Strike” by Anna Thompson (Illinois, USA) You’ve been challenged to pick a climate hero to feature in...

What Our Ocean Awareness Contest Judges are Looking For

January 18, 2023

Featured artwork: “Climate's Calling” by Kennedy Kirkland (Kentucky, USA) Every year, thousands of participants submit entries for our Ocean Awareness...


Deep Dive Series
2023 Ocean Awareness Contest
Bow Seat Student Artists at the Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, MA
Kathy Chen
Age 15, Ontario, Canada

“After participating in the Contest, my perspective on climate change definitely widened. I learned so much and have grown as an activist. By creating artwork with my research and passion, I realized that art can be a global communicator and a way we can exchange ideas without any language barriers. I can use my art skills as a voice and as a tool to inspire others and to make a change.”