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2022 Ocean Awareness

The 2022 Ocean Awareness Contest—THE FUNNY THING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE—challenges students to learn about climate change and its impact on the ocean, and to explore new ways to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis. How can you talk about climate change in a fresh way? How can you capture attention without sacrificing your message?

10th Anniversary Timeline

2021 marks our 10th annual Ocean Awareness Contest and 10 years of inspiring young ocean caretakers through creative expression. Check out our new interactive timeline to learn more about our program history and exciting milestones!
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The Story Behind Bow Seat Alumna Ely German’s DANDA Murals...

September 21, 2021

By Ely German When I found DANDA, it was 3 a.m., and the sun still lit up the sky. I...

10 Student Stories to Celebrate 10 Years: Kai Kubota-Enright

September 15, 2021

In celebration of 10 years of Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness Contest, we are showcasing some of the young artists who...

From the Bow Seat – the 2022 Ocean Awareness Contest...

September 10, 2021

Everyday Grit: Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is holding its 11th annual youth art contest. Thousands of 11 to 18-year-olds...


Boston Sea Rovers 2021
Danvers, MA
On View
Bow Seat at the Huntsman Marine Science Center
St. Andrews, Canada
On View
Art Exhibit at New Bedford Whaling Museum
New Bedford, MA
Rebecca Turkewitz
Humanities Teacher, Coastal Studies for Girls

“I really appreciate all you do to celebrate students and teachers, honor student work, raise awareness, inspire environmental and political action, provide educational opportunities for young people, and create an engaged community around science, arts, and advocacy.”