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True Blue Fellowship

The True Blue Fellowship (formerly the Fellowship Grant Program) aims to connect and empower youth around the world to leverage the creative arts to enact change in local communities to safeguard the ocean, waterways, and the climate. If you want to make a difference in your community, we invite you to participate in the True Blue Fellowship!

The True Blue Fellowship provides mentorship, capacity building, and funding of up to $2,500 for 10 youth-led projects that address ocean, waterways, and/or climate change issues in their local communities through a creative arts lens.

Bow Seat Timeline

For more than a decade, Bow Seat has inspired young ocean caretakers through creative expression. Check out our interactive timeline to learn more about our program history and exciting milestones!
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Silent Suffering: Pollution’s Impact on Indigenous Communities

July 9, 2024

By María Paz Dakota Ormeño Vasquez, 2024 Future Blue Youth Council member Pollution is a significant problem for indigenous communities...

Raising the Question: Is Farmed Seafood Really the Solution to...

June 20, 2024

By Sabine Cuesta, 2024 Future Blue Youth Council member Overfishing is an uncomfortable truth for seafood lovers everywhere. And as...

Water Scarcity: The Stories You Don’t Hear

June 3, 2024

By Keren-happuch Garba, 2024 Future Blue Youth Council member Now that it is the rainy season in Nigeria, the rains...


Cool Science Showcase
Boston, MA
World Ocean Day at the New England Aquarium
Boston, MA
NMEA Annual Conference
Boston, MA
Mitchell Comiskey
Science Teacher, Forest Glen Middle School

“Living in coastal Southeast Florida, we see firsthand the consequences of climate change and marine pollution on our delicate coral reef ecosystem. The Ocean Awareness Contest gives my students a creative and artistic outlet to not only express their frustrations with these issues but also hope for the future and possible solutions. For that, I am grateful!”