We invest in the next wave of ocean leaders who will think, and act, like artists—looking at issues from new perspectives, posing meaningful questions, and discovering innovative solutions. We believe that changing our world starts by inspiring and energizing youth to vividly imagine a better future, and empowering them to create it themselves.

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Global Reach

The health of the ocean impacts us all, no matter where in the world we live. Bow Seat’s participants come from island nations and landlocked countries, from coastal cities and mountain communities. Water connects them all, and our global oceans need their global support.

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28904 Students

Student Participants

Our participants are artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians, and dancers, ranging in age from 11 to 18. Many are learning about ocean issues for the first time; all are experiencing how the arts can spur curiosity, dialogue, awareness, and action around our natural world.

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$ 627750 Students $ 64500 Sponsors $ 44750 Schools


Bow Seat grants awards to recognize and empower creative, talented, and environmentally minded participants and the educators who support them.

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Purposeful Partnerships

Bow Seat is proud to support local and global initiatives in environmental education, conservation, and advocacy. By collaborating with others who share our values, goals, and vision, we can harness our creative energies and collective resources to protect the future of our oceans.