Activating the next wave of ocean leaders through the arts, science, and advocacy

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Creativity in Conservation

Each year the Ocean Awareness Contest challenges teens from around the world to explore human impacts on our ocean’s health through Art, Poetry, Prose, Film, and Music.

Making Waves Through the Arts

Our programs inspire ocean conservation through creative investigating and making. We believe art is a powerful way to explore issues impacting our oceans, connect more deeply with nature, and bring communities together to care for our blue planet.
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Art Exhibit at Fundy Discovery Aquarium
St. Andrews, NB, Canada
Art Exhibit at Blue Hills Trailside Museum
Milton, MA
East Boston Marine Science & Maritime Festival
Boston, MA
Cara Fritz
Age 14, Massachusetts

“The Ocean Awareness Contest was incredibly interesting and exciting to me because it was a way for me to combine my passion for creative writing, my love of the ocean and interest in its ecosystems, and my desire to make a positive change in the world.”