Empowering youth to connect, create, and communicate for our blue planet

Call for Art: Climate Hope

Students ages 11-18 worldwide are invited to submit Visual Art, Film, Interactive & Multimedia, Music, Poetry, or Prose on the theme Climate Hope: Transforming Crisis. Explore climate change and its impact on oceans, and imagine solutions at personal, local, national, or global scales.

Creativity in Conservation

Our programs inspire ocean conservation through creative investigating and making. We believe art is a powerful way to explore issues impacting our oceans, connect more deeply with nature, and bring communities together to care for our blue planet.
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World Oceans Day Youthathon
Panel: How Can You Speak for the Ocean?
2020 Contest Deadline
Kimberly Renick
Science Teacher, Timberlane Middle School

“The Ocean Awareness Contest engaged my students in learning, adding a real-world element to last year’s climate change-human impact science unit. All students were excited by the creative connection to the science curriculum allowing them to display their learning in unique ways. As a teacher, I was thrilled to witness how the students dove into their research eager to learn more about the problems and possible solutions.”