High School Marine Science Symposium
March 7, 2024
Boston, MA

Co-hosted by Massachusetts Marine Educators and Northeastern’s Marine Science Center, the High School Marine Science Symposium brings together hundreds of high schoolers and their teachers to learn about research and practice around marine science topics and issues. This conference-style event features a keynote speaker, an ocean science demonstration fair, and hands-on workshops led by scientists, policymakers, graduate students, and others engaged in marine-related careers.

The Bow Seat team will be leading a workshop titled Creative Currents: Art for a Sustainable Future. Did you know that you can use your creativity to speak up for our planet? The arts are a powerful tool for sparking conversations, connecting with the world around you, and deepening your own understanding of environmental issues and solutions. Join Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs to learn about our scholarship opportunities, find inspiration from young artists worldwide as well as in your own backyards, and write poetry.

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High School Marine Science Symposium