Bow Seat Announces First Class of Educator Innovation Award Winners
September 24, 2019

This year, Bow Seat launched our first-ever Educator Innovation Awards to recognize teachers and youth program coordinators who successfully incorporated a Bow Seat program into their curricula. We were so impressed by the nominations that we received from around the world from educators committed to inspiring their students to make a difference for our oceans and watersheds; arming them with critical 21st Century skills like creative communication and global awareness; and making classroom learning relevant, fun, and impactful.

More than anything, this group of nominees shows that activating a generation of informed and engaged citizens is not just the responsibility of one particular type of teacher—we all have a duty as educators, mentors, role models, and adult allies to empower youth with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to advocate for the changes they want to see in their communities, and the hope that their visions for the future are worth fighting for.

Bow Seat is thrilled to welcome all of our participating educators into our global, multigenerational community of ocean-conscious creators and changemakers who are using the power of creativity and imagination to bring people together to care for our shared planet. We respect the incredible work they do to ignite students’ curiosity and open their eyes to their own potential to affect change.

Congratulations to our first class of Educator Innovation Award winners! Read more about why they brought a Bow Seat program into their classrooms, and how they used it to teach students about ocean conservation issues and engage them in creative action.

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Bow Seat Announces First Class of Educator Innovation Award Winners