Sponsor Recognition Awards Celebrate Teachers, Parents, and Mentors
January 16, 2019

For each of the nearly 3,000 participants of the 2018 Ocean Awareness Contest, there was an adult sponsor who ignited their students’ curiosity and encouraged their creativity. Many sponsors were teachers who assigned the Contest as a class project; some were parents who helped their children explore their potential to create art and social change; others were adults who agreed to support students submitting on their own. All are important members of the Bow Seat crew and critical to the success of our programs.

And the students agree. We received hundreds of nominations for our Sponsor Recognition Awards from participants who praised their sponsors for their support and encouragement in the Contest and beyond. Students thanked these mentors for opening their eyes to new issues, being a sounding board and critical ear, serving as a role model, and much more. Some sponsors stood out by going above and beyond to encourage, teach, and inspire their budding artists and activists. Bow Seat acknowledged these caring adults—who represent teachers, parents, and mentors from all over the world—by granting them each $750 prizes.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Sponsor Recognition Awards! Check out highlights of the praise and appreciation from the students who nominated them:

Kimberly Renick, Science Teacher, Timberlane Middle School, New Jersey (Pictured above with students Ella and Tommy)

“She not only makes an effort to spread the word about climate change, but she also takes action herself.”

“She makes learning about these subjects and issues fun, and she makes people want to make a difference by encouraging them.”


Jim Duxbury, Science Teacher, Orville High School, Ohio 

“Mr. Jim Duxbury deserves to be recognized for his astounding dedication to the achievement and success of his students. He sparked my interest and provided me with information that inspired me to make changes in my life. Thanks to his passion and dedication, I am now motivated to make changes in my daily life that will benefit future generations of the world. The fate of the Earth is in [students’] hands and when they are reached out to by people such as Mr. Duxbury, change is inspired within them.”


Widya Grantina, Art and Science Teacher, SMA Plus Negeri 17 Palembang School, Indonesia

“She made us understand and care more about our environment and oceans as a part of our real life.”


Mitchell Comiskey, Science Teacher, Forest Glen Middle School, Florida

“He always sends us articles about things happening to our ocean, and he takes his own time to schedule events like beach cleanups and run the Ocean Guardians club.”



Anupama Galkadawala, Mentor, Sri Lanka

“My mentor took me to the seaside that has been polluted by manmade activities, and that experience led me to feel that I have a responsibility to stand and protect our oceans and earth. She pulled out my skills and showed me that I can do something more to protect our world than what I thought.”



Maria Garcia Cota, Teacher, Colegia de Bachilleres del Estado de Sonora, Mexico

“My sponsor is a strong, charismatic and dedicated woman who is committed to the planet’s preservation. She is a wonderful inspiration who guided me to care about climate change and reinforced my intention to have a positive impact on this world.”


Bruce Rebhan, Parent, Virginia

“My dad heard about the Ocean Awareness Contest, and… he encouraged me to submit a work of my own. My dad deserves to be recognized because he inspired me to write my story and because the work he did to raise awareness about oceans was extremely helpful to others.”



Srinagesh Mondreti, Parent, India

“It is the immense presence of inspiration right in front of my eyes—every single day—that has propelled my work for the contest to where it stands and my overall thought process to new heights.”

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Sponsor Recognition Awards Celebrate Teachers, Parents, and Mentors