Our Amazing Oceans Webinar
July 6, 2020

Not far off our New England beaches, seals sun themselves on rocks, whales nurse their young, and sea turtles swim through currents. But the Gulf of Maine — the basin of water held between the hook of Cape Cod and the tip of Nova Scotia — is warming faster than 99 percent of the ocean, putting these sea animals and their ocean homes at risk.

In this webinar, you’ll explore the impacts of global warming on our local ocean. First, you’ll follow Alyssa Irizarry of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, on a digital tour of artwork inspired by the warming of our seas around the globe. Then you’ll hear from scientist Dave Wiley about his experiences studying the impacts of global warming on species in the Gulf of Maine. Finally, we’ll share information about policy tools that we have to keep our New England oceans cool and show steps you can take to help out.

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Our Amazing Oceans Webinar