Community Projects Webinar
July 5, 2021 @ 11 pm EDT

When coming up with an environmental project, the possibilities can feel endless. Our Future Blue Youth Council Members are here to help! Hear from three Council members who have created their own projects. Sarah created Muslim Artists for Justice, E Wen created EnviroPAST and P.S. Our Beaches, and Jasmine created Ocean Child Creative, and they will all walk you through what the process of creating each of these initiatives was like.

This webinar is offered as part of the Fellowship Program (money and support for water-related youth projects).

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About the Presenting Council Members:
Jasmine Rodman is a high school student from Vancouver Island, Canada, and lives surrounded by the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. She’s passionate about art and science, and bringing the two together to educate and inspire. As an artist and entrepreneur, she created her own sustainable business to share her love of the ocean with the world. Through Ocean Child Creative, she creates art based on local marine life and uses creativity as a tool for conservation. In addition to being a member of Bow Seat’s Future Blue Youth Council, she is involved with numerous local ocean conservation and advocacy initiatives.

Sarah Ahmed is a community mobilizer that strives to take advantage of every opportunity to make the world a better place. She is very passionate about social and environmental activism, which derives from her motivated and driven personality. She is always looking for opportunities to grow, challenge herself, and make a difference. Sarah is also an alumna of the Greenhouse Youth Innovation Program, where she wrote and illustrated a book that educates children about the stigma surrounding people with disabilities. She serves the Multi-Action Council at her school as a Committee Chair, and is the co-founder of Muslim Artists for Justice.

E Wen Wong is a first-year law and science student based in Christchurch, New Zealand. As the founder of P.S. Our Beaches (Plastic Solution for Our Beaches), E Wen coordinates the EnviroPAST conference, science communication initiatives, and environmental poetry projects, alongside beach clean-ups and tree plantings for youth. Through her connection with Bow Seat, E Wen has formed a strong interest in the intersection between art and science.

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Community Projects Webinar