Celebrating Our Accomplishments of 2020
December 16, 2020

Our December year-in-review feels a bit different. As the days darken and winter solstice arrives in the Northern hemisphere, we are reflecting on a historic year—a year whose impacts will continue to be felt for generations (and not just because 2020 is Earth’s warmest year on record). We are grounding in knowing that imagination, creativity, and expression are essential to health and wellbeing, not only for human communities, but for our larger, interconnected planetary home.

Despite this year’s many challenges, sorrows, and uncertainties, we are holding gratitude and joy for the ways in which our students, educators, partners, and larger community members shared and supported our mission this year, allowing us to grow, adapt, and deepen our work. Join us in celebrating our shared accomplishments of 2020!

The power, passion, and resolve coming from our young leaders gives me a profound sense of hope like nothing else has. In a year filled with tragedy and unrelenting bad news, I am forever grateful to have witnessed students’ creative and fervent voice for change, and for giving us all hope for a better future.

Thank you for being a part of this work. We wish you and your dear ones peace, safety, and good health in the New Year.

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Celebrating Our Accomplishments of 2020

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