Announcing the Fellowship Grant Program!
May 26, 2021

From the Future Blue Youth Council

We are so excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Fellowship Program!

The Fellowship Program, sponsored by Bow Seat, provides mentorship and $250-$1,000 grants to young people developing projects that address water-related challenges. This program is a new initiative run by the Future Blue Youth Council, a diverse group of Bow Seat alumni working together to advance Bow Seat’s mission and empower fellow peers to advocate for their future and for our environment.

You might be thinking: I’m just one student, what difference can I make? But as Rumi once said, “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” The changes you make can make a real difference both in your community and globally, and the Future Blue Youth Council wants to support you along the way.

Here’s what a few of our members have to say about why this Fellowship is important to them:

“The Fellowship is a meaningful way to develop your talents and contribute to the environmental issues we are facing”

“This is a place to foster creativity and productivity, and I can’t wait to see what future grantees come up with!”

“I love that by combining the toolkits, webinars, mentorship and funding, the Fellowship will act as an incubator for the grantees and their projects to flourish.”

“I love how there’s an initiative out there that not only encourages youth to take entrepreneurial approaches to solve meaningful problems, but also provides the resources, funding, and mentorship to help them thrive! It’s a great way to bring your thoughts and ideas into action and make a difference in your community!”

To find out more, and to apply, visit our webpage. As of May 15th, the fellowship is open and accepting applications. Submissions close on August 1st, 2021, so make sure to get your applications in before then. We can’t wait to see what incredible project you come up with!

Future Blue Youth Council
Sarah Ahmed, Akhila Bandlora, Ainsley Cunningham, Raúl Falcón, Sekai Natalie Imbayarwo-Chikosi, Sophia LaPalme, Sylvia Nica, Ashley Park, Jasmine Rodman, Jude Strelitz-Block, Anjali Tiwari, Rose Whelan, E Wen Wong, Yutong Yang

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Announcing the Fellowship Grant Program!

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