Classroom Resources for Educators Exploring Water Topics – Remote Friendly and Ready to Use. We’ve Got You Covered!
April 23, 2021

In this new normal of online and hybrid learning, we realize that adaptable resources centering creative expression are needed to engage, enthrall and educate students. That’s why we’re providing you with the resources you need to creatively explore climate and water issues in the classroom.

The Ocean Awareness Contest

Your role as an educator is vital in guiding young people to learn about the challenges facing our blue planet, encouraging them to seek out solutions, and inspiring them to take action. The Ocean Awareness Contest is a tool you can use in any subject to teach students about environmental issues, apply classroom learning to real-world problems, and build research, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Power to the People,” by Emily Feng (age 17, California), 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest

This year’s Ocean Awareness Contest theme, WATER RISING, opens up a whole new world of possibility as it invites youth ages 11-18 to explore and understand their connection to our watery world through visual art, creative writing, film, music, dance, poetry, spoken word, and multimedia. What are the stories we need to tell about this vital resource to sustain and conserve it for current and future generations?

The deadline for students and classes to submit work is June 14th, 2021.

Students can submit their entries individually, or educators can submit students’ entries on their behalf.

Lesson Plans and Guides

We’ve created free, turnkey lesson plans and guides to help you introduce the 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest in the classroom and to spur creative exploration of climate and water issues. Whether you have just 5 minutes or one class period, we’ve got you covered!

Engaging Educational Material—All in One Place

Resilience,” by Ahrin Lee (age 12, Singapore), 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest

Our Resource Studio is dedicated to helping you bring water topics into the classroom. Respond to different learning styles by choosing from our selection of artwork, articles, videos, podcasts, and even games and quizzes! Students can learn about water protectors from around the world and across disciplines by exploring our Inspiration page.

Educator Innovation Awards

Did you know that we offer awards to educators? Tell us how you incorporated the 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest into your physical, hybrid, or virtual classroom for a chance at winning a $750 Educator Innovation Award!

Inspiring Diverse Artist Stories

We’re here to remind your students that anyone can become an artist, and that their lived experiences and expression of those experiences are not only valid but important. Led by our We All Rise Prize partner Jason Talbot, our We Rise webinar featured artists, writers, performers, and activists sharing their creative processes, and will be sure to inspire your students to tap into their own creativity.

Introductory Webinars for Spoken Word Poetry

Our latest Water Wednesdays Webinars will encourage students who are hesitant about taking the stage to find their own voice through spoken word poetry and to give this empowering medium a try.

Y(our) Voice, Y(our) Planet: Spoken Word & Environmental Activism, with poets, activists, and educators Tayllor Johnson and Ademola Lewis, explores the origins of performance poetry and how it can empower young people to use their voices to speak up about issues they care about, from climate change to social justice.

So You Want to Write a Spoken Word Poem: Introductory Workshop led by Tayllor, our Voice of the Sea Award partner, provides a safe and welcoming environment for your students to dip their toes in the medium.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Featured Artwork: “Emerging” by Julie Guellec, 2017 Ocean Awareness Contest

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Classroom Resources for Educators Exploring Water Topics – Remote Friendly and Ready to Use. We’ve Got You Covered!

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