Girl Scouts Global Leadership Conference
March 9, 2024
Newport, RI

A regional Girl Scout tradition spanning 36 years, the Global Leadership Conference has grown from a small gathering of Girl Scouts to a multi-day conference addressing the changing world our girls face each day. Workshop topics include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), global issues, social justice, personal growth/health/fitness, stress management techniques, human trafficking, college prep issues, financial literacy, sensitive topics such as depression/suicide, and gender identity and LGBTQI.

The Bow Seat team will be leading a workshop titled Inspire, Create, Advocate: Using Art for Climate Action. Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is a woman-founded organization that uses art-making to provide fresh avenues for young people to engage with and advocate for our blue planet.  Our 2024 Ocean Awareness Contest, Tell Your Climate Story, invites students to become climate witnesses and share their own unique climate stories. What does the climate crisis look like to you and to your communities? What does climate action look like? Join Bow Seat’s Program Manager Susan Tang to learn about the power of creative communication, find inspiration from young artists worldwide as well as in your own backyards, discuss examples of climate communication, and write collaborative poetry.

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Girl Scouts Global Leadership Conference