Introducing the Future Blue Youth Webinars: A Closer Look Into Our Programs & Other Youth Initiatives
June 30, 2021

By Ainsley CunninghamFuture Blue Youth Council member

Featured artwork: “Dreamer,” Leo Kubota, Arizona

The Future Blue Youth Council (FBYC) has been working on a host of webinars designed to inspire you and help you direct your passion for the environment toward a defined project or initiative. In case you missed these webinars live, I’ll be summarizing each of them in this post and letting you know how to watch the full recordings!

Before we begin: a quick reminder that applications to the FBYC Fellowship close in around a month on August 1st. If you are interested in applying, please check out our webpage for more information about the grant program and helpful resources to guide you through the application process.

Earlier this month, FBYC member Jasmine hosted a webinar with Catarina Lorenzo, Shay Muñoz, and Dakota Peebler from Heirs to Our Oceans (H2OO), a global organization focused on youth environmental advocacy. They discussed the power of youth participation in climate activism, as well as the importance of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone to reach for new opportunities and network with other activists and environmental organizations. During the webinar, H2OO co-founder Dakota Peebler truly encapsulates just how essential the voices of young people are in changing the narrative surrounding this climate crisis:

“The more you get out there, the more you realize that people really want to hear from us. They want us to get up there. They want us to take the mic. Because what we’re saying is super important — we’re the greatest stakeholders in what is happening to the world.”          —Dakota Peebler, Co-Founder of Heirs to Our Oceans

If you’d like to watch the webinar, the full recording can be viewed on the FBYC Fellowship Resources page or below:

Last weekend, FBYC members Sylvia, Raúl, and Jasmine hosted an office hours webinar where they covered some of the most important things to keep in mind when completing your application to the FBYC Fellowship. So if you’re considering applying, this webinar is a must-watch!

Here are just a few of the questions they answered in detail during the Q&A:

  • What is a grant, in simple terms?
  • How do you begin your application if you’re feeling overwhelmed?
  • How do you utilize graphic design and social media if you don’t have experience?
  • What are the contest requirements? How do you know if you are eligible?

You can also watch this webinar on the FBYC Fellowship Resources page, or down below:

If you have any additional questions that weren’t answered during this office hours session, stay posted for updates on our Instagram ( about any new webinars or Q&A’s we host. There will be several more webinars in July, the schedule for which can be found below:

  • July 5th (4:00PM ET): Community Projects, with E Wen, Sarah, Jasmine | Register here
  • July 11th (5:00PM ET): Completing a Grant Application: Tips and Tricks, with Sylvia, E Wen, Jude, and Akhila | Register here
  • July 24th (12AM ET): Office Hours, with E Wen and Anjali | Register here

You can also add the schedule of FBYC webinars to your Google Calendar by clicking here.

Submissions to the FBYC Fellowship close on August 1st, but our webinar programming will continue until the end of July in case you need any extra support along the way. The rest of the Council and I are all so excited to see what kind of amazing projects you come up with! 🙂

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Introducing the Future Blue Youth Webinars: A Closer Look Into Our Programs & Other Youth Initiatives

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