The Fellowship Grant Program is Open for Applications… With Some Exciting New Changes!
October 15, 2022

In 2021, Bow Seat and our Future Blue Youth Council launched the Fellowship Grant Program to provide funding and mentorship to young people from around the world who are addressing water-related challenges in their communities. Our first cohort of Fellowship grantees has been working hard over the past year on innovative projects that are cleaning up beaches, reducing plastic pollution, educating youth, and raising awareness of critical environmental issues.

We are excited to open applications for the Fellowship Grant Program again, with improvements that will help it to better address the needs of our Bow Seat community!

For many students, participating in the Ocean Awareness Contest or other Bow Seat program is a stepping stone into the world of advocacy–this experience shapes their attitudes about their own power to make a difference, and inspires them to dive deeper into activism. Bow Seat often receives requests from program alumni to sponsor their environmental projects or events, from children’s books to dance recital fundraisers to artist residencies… and more.

To support exciting initiatives like these, Bow Seat will now be focusing our Fellowship resources on funding projects that align with our own mission of engaging youth in environmental conservation and advocacy through the arts. The maximum grant award has been raised from $1,000 USD to $2,500 USD, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Projects will no longer be limited to one-year terms–in fact, they may be of any duration as long as they meet the goals of the Fellowship Grant Program:

  • Educate the public about an environmental problem in their community;
  • Engage others in activities that address the issue; and
  • Integrate the creative arts and environmental conservation.

What hasn’t changed about the Fellowship is its founding purpose: to be a by-youth, for-youth initiative that supports young people passionate about taking action on environmental issues in their communities.

The Future Blue Youth Council will continue to play an active role in the Fellowship, including reviewing applications, developing relationships with grantees, and providing mentoring and communications support.

Visit our website to find out more about the new and improved Fellowship Grant Program–including rules, eligibility requirements, and evaluation criteria–and to apply. We can’t wait to hear about your incredible project ideas!

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The Fellowship Grant Program is Open for Applications… With Some Exciting New Changes!

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