Massachusetts Environmental Education Society Annual Conference
March 6, 2024
Worcester, MA

The Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) Annual Conference is an opportunity for educators from around the state to learn how to bring more broad-based ecological learning to students of all ages and backgrounds. MEES is a professional organization that exists to build environmental and climate literacy in Massachusetts through convening networks of informal environmental educators, farm-based educators, social justice educators, classroom teachers, and organizations – building collective capacity, skills, and knowledge to lead us to more just and sustainable communities.

The Bow Seat team will be leading a workshop titled Creative Currents: Empowering Students to Create Art for a Sustainable Future. The arts are a powerful tool for sparking conversations, connecting with the world around us, and deepening our understanding of environmental issues and solutions. Learn how to incorporate the creative arts into your environmental curricula through Visual Thinking Strategies and Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness Contest. Our 2024 Contest asks students to learn about climate impacts in their backyard – from global sea-level rise to local urban heat islands – and to reflect on their own climate stories. Empower students to become climate witnesses by jump-starting their thinking for their Contest submission. All Massachusetts participants are eligible for special prizes!

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Massachusetts Environmental Education Society Annual Conference