Water Wednesdays Webinar Series
May 12, 2021 @ 2 pm EDT

Join us for Bow Seat’s new Water Wednesdays Webinar Series! Meet and learn from artists, scientists, community leaders, and activists working at the intersection of water and climate, health, justice, and culture. This monthly educational series dives into complex water issues around the globe, and offers opportunities to explore actions we can all take to rise up and protect water resources.

Unless otherwise noted, all webinars will take place LIVE at 7 PM EDT / 4 PM PDT. Recordings will be shared and posted after the event. View all recordings >

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October 28, 2020: Learn about Watersheds through Your Water Journey
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How do you relate to water? In the first of our Water Wednesdays Webinar Series, Emily Flaherty of Salem Sound Coastwatch will help you identify your watershed and learn why that’s important. No matter where you live on planet Earth, you live in a watershed and are intimately connected to the ocean. Begin your water journey where you are now and see where it leads you.

About Our Featured Speaker:
Emily is the School to Sea Director at Salem Sound Coastwatch. Working in an urban watershed, Emily shares conservation work through education programming and citizen science efforts. She is currently working on a degree on “Science in a Changing World,” considering our impact on Earth and what conservation means.

November 18, 2020: A Drop of Paint, an Ocean of Change
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We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. At PangeaSeed Foundation, it is much more than a phrase—it lies at the very core of the organization’s mission to give our oceans a voice through ARTivism. Through the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program, they have painted 400+ ocean advocacy murals, inspiring communities in 17 countries worldwide. Join us for a lively conversation about the power of art to transform our minds and redefine our relationship with the natural world.

About Our Featured Speaker:
Akira Biondo, originally from Switzerland, is the Director of Operations at PangeaSeed Foundation and a co-founder of the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program. Her passion for the environment stems from her extensive travels across the globe and experiencing first-hand humanity’s impact on the planet. With a background in Sustainability Studies and Cultural Anthropology, she believes that protecting our home planet for future generations requires an interdisciplinary approach that includes the arts, creative problem-thinking, and the voices of all people.

December 16, 2020: YOUth Power to Restore and Protect our Ocean Planet
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As we celebrate 10 years of Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness Contest, and look to the decade ahead, we know youth leadership will be key in restoring and protecting our ocean planet. Join us for an engaging discussion with EarthEcho International‘s youth leaders on the critical role young people play in ocean conservation. Through this conversation, you’ll dive into personal stories of youth-led action and learn how you can join EarthEcho’s efforts to monitor water quality, educate your community on the importance of marine conservation, and take action to support efforts to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030.

January 27, 2020: Entangled: Powerful Storytelling for Our Ocean
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Join us as we explore the power of environmental filmmaking and discuss the need for effective science communication with Boston Globe reporter and documentary filmmaker David Abel and Conservation Law Foundation’s Senior Attorney Erica Fuller.

We will discuss David Abel’s documentary ENTANGLED, and the many ways great storytelling can deepen our understanding of pressing ocean issues and the people who depend on healthy marine ecosystems.

As environmental challenges grow, we need compelling stories that document change, effectively communicate complex issues, and engage our emotions to inspire care and catalyze action. Environmental storytelling is critical for raising public awareness to drive conservation and advocacy efforts, and for increasing public support for science-based policies that protect communities, habitats, and species.

Registrants will also receive access for a special screening of ENTANGLED, an award-winning, feature-length film about how climate change has accelerated a collision between one of the world’s most endangered species, North America’s most valuable fishery, and a federal agency mandated to protect both. The film will be available for viewing from January 25th – 30th.

About Our Featured Speakers:
David Abel is the director, producer, writer, and director of photography of “ENTANGLED,” and is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who covers fisheries, climate change, and environmental issues for The Boston Globe. He co-directed and produced “Sacred Cod,” a film about the collapse of the iconic cod fishery in New England, which was broadcast by the Discovery Channel in the spring of 2017. He also directed and produced two films about the Boston Marathon bombings, which were broadcast to national and international audiences. His other films include “Lobster War” and “Gladesmen: The Last of the Sawgrass Cowboys.”

Erica Fuller is a Senior Attorney in Conservation Law Foundation‘s Oceans program. She joined CLF after eight years as a litigator at Earthjustice and 20 years as a large animal veterinarian. Her work is focused on building a resilient marine ecosystem in the Northeast – by increasing habitat protections, reducing bycatch of species caught unintentionally in commercial fisheries, and rebuilding depleted forage and groundfish populations. As part of this work, she leads CLFs effort to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales from all threats including entanglements, vessel strikes, and ocean noise.

February 17, 2021: Y(our) Voice, Y(our) Planet: Spoken Word & Environmental Activism
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There is no doubt of the power that art has on revolutions of all kinds. This past year has proven that. As we look towards creating a more just and sustainable future, art continues to be a valuable resource, especially in education and for young people finding their voice and place in this new world. When art meets activism and gets released into a room, anything is possible and change is inevitable.

Tayllor Johnson and Ade Davis—poets, activists, and educators—will perform their original poetry and talk about spoken word, art education, and activism as not only agents of change in advocating for our planet, but also for the people advocating for themselves through performance.

About Our Featured Speakers:
Tayllor Johnson is an artist, performer, and educator. A published poet, she has been writing and performing her own poetry and plays for over ten years. She is committed to using art to give voice to the world’s unspoken needs and guides youth to discover and speak their truth. In all she has done, is doing, and will do, she embodies her mission: Find new ways poetry can empower the voiceless, soothe the wounded, and disturb the status quo, setting us all on a path to freedom.

Ademola Lewis is a Brooklynite. He is a poet, singer, screenwriter, musician, orator, and educator. As an activist, he has to speak up wherever there is an injustice. Ade now takes his experience as an activist, performer, and artist to the classroom becoming the best educator he can while teaching at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY. Ade utilizes his skills to create a conscious, critical, and creative classroom. His poetry curriculum incorporates art-integration methodology to engage students academically and creatively.

April 14, 2021: So You Want to Write a Spoken Word Poem: Introductory Workshop
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The Voice of the Sea Award for Spoken Word Poetry entries in Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness Contest has created a buzz in our community for all things spoken word and the process. Want to submit a spoken word piece but don’t know where to start? Tayllor Johnson, spoken word artist, writer, and performer is here to help! In this introductory workshop you will learn the history, basics, and the joy in writing a spoken word poem. You will have a chance to write your own and share it. The stage is yours!

More About Tayllor Johnson:
Tayllor is a published poet and has been writing and performing her own poetry and plays for over ten years. She is committed to using art to give voice to the world’s unspoken needs and guides youth as an educator to discover and speak their truth. In all she has done, is doing, and will do, she embodies her mission: Find new ways poetry can empower the voiceless, soothe the wounded, and disturb the status quo, setting us all on a path to freedom.

May 12, 2021: Drought in South Africa: Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
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How do we confront climate change when it threatens our homes? Since 2015, South Africa has experienced an extreme drought, leaving members of the community with water restrictions. Join Marisa Maré, art teacher at Bridge House Independent School in Cape Town and Bow Seat Educator Innovation Award winner, as she shares how she uses art to engage her students in water conservation. We will also hear from Cape Town artists Sharlé Matthews and Zietske Saaiman, and environmentalist Tashi Piprek, as they share their stories, insights, and innovative solutions to overcome the drought.

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