Brian Skerry Recognizes Winners of the Ocean Soul Award
November 18, 2020

We were honored to once again welcome National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry as a special guest judge this year in the Ocean Awareness Contest. The Ocean Soul Award recognizes a visual art submission in each age division that depicts the “soul” of the ocean—a place of beauty and mystery, a place in peril, and ultimately, a place of hope.

The 2020 Ocean Soul Award was selected by Brian and presented to two visual artists: Orion Yang (Vancouver, Canada) and Jun Hee Won (Cupertino, California). The recipients of the award received an autographed copy of Brian’s book, Ocean Soul.

“[This] beautiful artwork truly captures the mounting problems facing our oceans and planet, but they also convey the hope that exists as long as we are moved to action.”

“A Glimmer of Hope” by Orion Yang

“While We Still Have Time…” by Jun Hee Won

Hear more about why Brian selected these impactful works of art:

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Brian Skerry Recognizes Winners of the Ocean Soul Award

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